XCM Xbox360 Chrome Faceplate Review

Written by Zombie_X
January 2008


Before I begin I must extend my thanks to Extreme-Mods for supplying me with this review sample. Extreme-Mods is a distributor for all of XCM's products as well as various other ones.

Team XTender is well known for all of their case modification and accessories they make for all of the current systems. They mainly produce shell replacements for consoles but their accessories are growing. On my recent visit to Extreme-Mods website, I saw the XCM Chrome Faceplate and I promptly contacted them for a review sample and the rest is history.


  • Limited Edition Chrome / Liquid Silver Faceplate by XCM
  • High Quality with mirror finish
  • Fits your Xbox 360 console perfectly
  • Will NOT void your warrantee!
  • Simple 1 Minute Installation


  • XCM Chrome Faceplate
  • DVD Bezel
  • Eject Button
  • Warning Notice


Extreme-Mods dispatched the sample the next day and the shipping was speedy and was a welcomed action. The faceplate came via UPS and was packed nicely and upon inspection had noticed that the faceplate wasn't damaged at all. What I nice job Extreme-Mods did with packaging it up! The faceplate was in a foam type sleeve and when the sleeve which helped it from being damaged or scratched. I flipped it over to see the reverse side look exactly the same as the original faceplate, and that is a good thing as it insures that it it will be a great fit.


In order to fully put on the faceplate, you must first know how to remove the original one. This can be done many ways but the easiest way is to stand the Xbox360 upside down and pull outward from the little grove until the faceplate pops off. This part is easy as the original faceplate neatly pops off easily. The XCM faceplate goes on easy but incredibly hard to remove. I found it near impossible to remove it without damaging the system in some manner.


The only way I could get it off is by applying a little pressure with a flathead screwdriver at several seems by the faceplate. Or rather, lightly prying it off with the screwdriver. I contacted Extreme-Mods about this and their response was that they had the make it more sturdy or the chrome finnish would chip off. This is understandable but not necessarily acceptable.

I'm actually afraid of damaging the faceplate/system if I apply to much force when trying to remove it. This shouldn't be this hard to remove, even if the faceplate is more rigid. I think it is harder to remove due to oversized clips on the faceplate, though I couldn't find any evidence of this.

One negative thing about this faceplate is that if you want to install the eject button, you'll have to remove Microsoft's sticker and void your warranty. I highly recommend not installing this unless your Xbox360 is modded or it is already out of warranty. If you have done either of those, then you can go ahead with the installation. As for me, my Xbox360 is rather new and I'd rather keep my warranty intact. I know you can all understand that.

The DVD Bezel is also really hard to remove. I also almost damaged my DVD tray while trying to get it off. After I finally got it off, I reapplied it and removed it a few times and now it is easy to remove. The same with the faceplate. After a couple of removals and reapplication, it becomes really easy to detach. With that said, that doesn't mean the product is bad, it's just more difficult to remove than other faceplates on the market and I'm sure these minor flaws can be overlooked by anyone. Really, how many times are you actually going to have to remove the faceplate?


There is really no functionality with the faceplate. It is mainly for aesthetics and I must say it does a good job in that department. It makes your system stand out and say "look at me!". Pictures really do this faceplate no justice as it looks amazing when you actually see it on. It is so shiny and you can see your reflection in it. It is a ultra nice mirrored finnish and no other chrome faceplate comes close.


This faceplate truly rocks, and it rocks hard, I believe that the few little thing about this faceplate can be overlooked in favor of how awesome it is. The price also is a bargain and I highly recommend a purchase. This is a solid but for any xbox fan out there, not only that but the chrome just looks awesome.


  • Looks amazing
  • Easy installation
  • Durable, high quality plastics
  • Price ($14-$18)


  • Eject button installation voids warranty
  • DVD Bezel is incredibly hard to remove without damaging the DVD tray
  • Faceplate is next to near impossible to remove on first try



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