XCM X360 Apple Green Controller Case

Written by Zombie_X
March 2008


Before I begin I must extend my thanks to Extreme-Mods for supplying me with this review sample. Extreme-Mods is a distributor for all of XCM's products as well as various other ones. They are now our first sponsor and you can count on more reviews of their products from us.

Team XCM is well known for all of their case modification and accessories they make for all of the current systems. They mainly produce shell replacements for consoles but their accessories are growing. I recently saw this item on a visit to their site and I requested a sample. This thing looks awesome!



For Xbox Brand Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers Only (Warning: Not compatible with Wired Controller)

  • Light up your wireless Xbox 360 controller with this kit!
  • LED On/Off Switch
  • Top and Bottom Case Pieces included - Not just a top cover!
  • Easy to install - Only 3 wires need to be soldered for the Lights to work (optional)
  • For a limited time - Includes special screwdriver tool to open the controller case!


  • XCM X360 Apple Green Controller Case
  • Screwdriver

  This what the shell looks like, and you can see the included screwdriver



The shell looks really good and I like the rubberized feel of the green paint. The case itself look green in all the stock photo's floating around on the net, but in fact it's a clear shell that is painted in a lime green color. I think the green color suits the controller and the 360 itself. It's about time that there is a green controller case! It also comes with included green shoulder button and a torx screwdriver for installation.



Installation is pretty easy and only took me 5 minutes to do. This will walk you all the way though installation. You have to use the included screwdriver to remove the 6 screws on the back of the controller and then get the last one that behind the sticker in the battery compartment.Once you controller is open you have to carefully pull it apart. Once that is done, you can unscrew the last screw in the center of the controllers circuit board. Now carefully remove the board. The D-Pad requires you to use a small screwdriver to unscrew the screw in it. After that you can use the included torx screw to push back one of the clips on the inside of the D-Pad and then pull on the D-Pad from the front while pushing a clip in and it should pop it out of the controller.

Transfer you controller board to the new case, but make sue you're carefully with the "Wireless Button" and it is very brittle and mine broke when I tried to put the case back together. All you have to do is follow the steps above except to so them in reverse order.

If you're looking to use the built in leads, you'll have to get instructions elsewhere as I couldn't find any one where to solder the 3 wires that are for the LED lights.

You can see the inside of the controller and the re-assembled controller


Now the controller looks like it was meant to be with the 360 from the beginning! I love how the paint adds needed "grip" to the controller. The "ring of light" in the center looks cool but I wish it were possible to use the stock X360 "ring of light". Nonetheless the controller looks awesome. It's absolutely a perfect fit and there are no control issues at all as it must be molded from the original 360 controller shell. The "Wireless button" feels a bit tacky though, almost like it's not attached, but I broke mine so that could also contribute to the feel of it.



The controller shell is a great choice for a quick, cheap, and easy modification. It feels great and compliments the 360 with it's green color. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's also very affordable at $19.99 from Extreme-Mods. Go and get one already!


  • Great Fit
  • Included Shoulder buttons
  • Included Torx Screwdriver
  • Built in LED
  • Feels great in hands
  • Price is just right
  • Quick installation


  • Play and Charge kit don't work it
  • Battery over is a little hard to remove
  • "Wireless" button is flimsy and may break



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