Impact Acoustics 12ft Component Video Cables Review

Written by Zombie_X
May 2007


Impact Acoustics are well know for making high end audio equipment. They have now started making video game console audio/video cables. These cables look quite good and hopefully are.


  • Gold Plated connectors
  • Molded from high quality plastic
  • Superior audio/video performance
  • 12ft of cable
  • Dual shielding
  • Solid copper strands


  • 12ft Component Video Cables



These cables look really good. They look better than Monster video cables by far and are a ton cheaper. The cables are molded from some higher quality plastic and the connector of the cables are gold plated. The dual shielding of the cables is actually one shield but it is heavy duty. The shielding looks like chain mail on the outside of the cables. I have to gripe that the connectors that connect into the back of the ps2 are actually loose and the pins in my review sample of the cables were messed up.


The video signals transmitted by these cables are quite good. It looks on par with that of Monster video cables for PS2. The picture is nice and crisp as is the audio. Though I have to say that the audio L/R channels are mislabeled on the cables.

Another thing is that the connecter that goes into the back of my ps2 is not quite right. The build quality of the connector is rather bad and you'll find yourself constantly adjusting the video cause the plus tends to be really lose. The connector pins in mine were bent causing the video colors to be distorted and blurred. I fixed this by simply using a tweezers to move the pins back into place. Now the video is fixed!! This is the only bad thing I have to say about the cables.

I plugged my GunCon2 into the green RCA plus of the cables and plugged that into my tv and my GunCon 2 works great. A lot of people don't know that the GunCon can work with component video cables.

Now i wanted to test if the cables really do have an inner shielding. To my surprise it actually doesn't! WOW that's some false advertising.


It's actually hard to say not to get it and it's easy to say get it at the same time. What I mean is that it works great but in older for it to work right you have to do some modification. If you can deal with doing a little modification and some random plus disconnections then It's the cable for you other wise I would just get the Datel PS3 video cables as they work fine with the PS2.


  • Price is very reasonable
  • Nice design and feel
  • You get what you pay for
  • Nice amount of cable is supplied


  • Audio channels are switched
  • Connector pins have a manufacturing error


Impact Acoustics Official Site