Action Replay MAX EVO Review

Written by Zombie_X


Datel has been around for many years creating game enhancer's and peripherals for some of the most popular systems. They are mostly known for their game enhancer named "Action Replay". This new PS2 edition allows you to run media and homebrew from the supplied USB stick.


  • 1000s of codes packed in
  • Load codes/saves from USB Stick
  • Updatable from internet via Network Adapter
  • Auto game detection
  • Multimedia playback
  • Genesis games run with PGEN


  • ARMAX EVO Disc
  • 16MB MAX Drive (USB Stick)
  • User Manual



The box for ARMAX EVO is pretty cool as it has some sort of holographic foil on the box. The box stands out with embossing and bright-shinny foil. The disc on the other hand is quire bland as it looks like a Lightscribe disc.


Usage is simple. Just pop the disc in and once you are at the main menu, eject the disc then insert your game disc as the ARMAX EVO auto detects the game and go directly to the code screen. My version had around 350 games or so but you can easily update your list to support more by simply loading up the MAX Drive PC software and download the codelist to your USB Stick. once downloaded you have to add it to a folder named "MaxSettings" into the root of your USB Stick and then rename the file to user_list.dat

Multimedia playback is good as long as the Media Player can find your media files. My copy had a hard time finding my "Music" folder and 'Movies" folder in the root of my USB Stick. It sucks that you cannot manually browse through the USB Stick. There is no way of browsing whatsoever. If it finds your media file you can crop the video, change aspect ration and select visualizations for music.

I tried the MAX Memory data manager and it works great! You can download PS2 saves from the net and put them in your USB Stick then transfer them to your memory card or vice versa. One problem I have with this though is that the read/write speeds are kinda slow at times. I tried my Dane Elec 1GB Stick and it worked flawlessly when set to FAT16 mode. The Max Memory app also has saves built into it allowing you to download saves from the CD to your memory card. That is cool.

I was unable to try the MAX Messenger software cause I don't own a network adapter.

I loaded up PGEN (Sega Genesis Emulator) and ran some Genesis roms which all ran at full speed. Not only that but it also has save state functions as well as data management.


I loaded up codes for Gallerians Ash and all the codes seemed to work good. I had problems using custom codes though as my 'Biohazard: Outbreak File 2' codes wouldn't load correctly. Guilty Gear X2 codes worked good and no problems were seen. Onimusha 3 codes for "Infinite Onimusha" mode didn't work all the time. Still there is no slowdown at all.


ARMAX EVO is a great cheat device from Datel and seems to be the best of the PS2 cheat devices. Although the Media Player was a bit goofy at times, it still did what it was supposed to do. Pick this up if you like to cheat.


  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to update codelist
  • Internet codelist updates
  • PGEN Works!!
  • Built in game saves
  • Media playback is smooth and easy
  • Other brand USB sticks work as well


  • $40.00 is too much for this
  • Awkward media player setup
  • Some codes don't function as they should
  • no HDD support


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