Psyclone PS2 Component Video Cable

Written by Zombie_X
November 2007


Psyclone has long been a manufacturer of 3rd party video game accessories for many systems. I have used their S-video cables before and they are quite good. Now they recently launched their "Competition Grade" line of Video cables that they refer to as "The Best" out there. I have long supported Psyclone, but I won't hold anything back in this review. The time has come to actually put these cables to the test.



  • 3 Discreet video outputs and 2 analog audio outputs
  • 12 feet of cable for maximum placement versatility
  • Braided high-density copper, foil, and ferrite shielding
  • Nitrogen-injected foam dielectric
  • Premium gold connectors for maximum connectivity


  • Psyclone PS2 Component Video Cables



     I happened upon these cables on eBay used for quite a reasonable price. The item description for them was "Now that you have your PlayStation 2, you'll want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. This cable allows you to experience highest quality game sound and picture so you can be part of the on-screen action.This cable works with TVs and other video equipment that allow component input from game systems such as the PlayStation 2. Enhance your gaming experience with quality sound and distortion free picture quality." - quoted directly from the item listing.

Once I received them in the mail, I was surprised to see that the cables were in such great condition. They practically looked new. They have a really good braiding on them as well as a magnet, which is used to knock out interference. The cables were quite thick and seemed a bit heavy to me. Everything about this cable looked good.  I raced over to my TV and hooked them up into my switch-box. They have a nice tight fir with the RCA connectors on the switch-box.



So I powered up my PS2 and was greeted by the main menu. I decided I would first try Dragon Ball Z3 (Budokai 3), so I inserted the disc and put in my Sony 64MB Memory card. The PS2 logo popped up and seemed a bit clearer than my previous S-video connections. The intro video then started to play and it looked fabulous! The DBZ art look nice and crisp and the colors weren't even washed out. The DBZ3 menu's also look great and were as crisp as can be. I moved onto actual gameplay and started a VS match. When I saw Goku and Gohan pop up on screen, my jaw just literally dropped! It looked as if my TV was running at a much higher resolution, and if you must know, my TV only supports 480i. I could see every little detail on the characters.

Now I tried out BIO HAZARD 3 for PSX. The PSX games actually look way better with these cables. I know PSX has built in scan lines, but the added line that the cables gives you actually makes the game look smoother/crisper than it did before. I can see a lot more detail now, but since there is a higher resolution, the backgrounds tend to look a bit choppy at times.

The audio from these cables is also very good. Since these cables have thicker wire, more of a signal can be transmitted, and thus better sound is produced. The sound is nice and smooth, a far cry from my other cheap Mad-Katz S-Video that had crap sound.



I was truly amazed at how much better the video and audio is from these cables, compared to the Impact Acoustic brand of Component cables. If you have a TV that supports these types of cables, then it may be worth looking into. The only real downside of these cables is the price. They come out to $62.00 USD!! That's insane! But on the other hand, if you have the money then pick them up. They will make your games look and sound better.


  • Picture quality is awesome
  • Really good sound performance
  • Looks nice and professional.


  • $62 price is very steep for a cable



Psyclone Official Website