MK6 Save Cart + NEO3 Review

Written by Zombie_X
November 2007


Before I begin I must extend my thanks to Team Neo for supplying me with this review sample. Thanks Team Neo!! You can find where yo buy your own at the bottom of the review.

Neoflash has been around for a while and have a lot of experience with flash-carts. I've used their "MaigcKey" passme style carts before and they have never failed. Now they made one specifically for save types and passme.


* 1:1 Original small size
* Support all NDS & NDS-L
* Come with 4K/64K/256K/512K/2M/4M EEPROM hardware save
* Don't need battery,game save data can keep over 50 years
* Support neo2/3 full serial, for run the NEO MENU 2.x
* Build in passme function,can boot almost slot-2 cart



  • MK6 Save Cart
  • NEO3 Slot-2 Adapter
  • Information CD
Here is what is included with the MK6 Save Cart


 I received my MK6 Save Cart/NEO 3 bundle along with a TTDS within 2 days of asking Neoflash for a sample. I found it in my mail box upon returning from work and was delighted to see that it arrived so quickly. It was in a tiny little blister box, which looks exactly the same as any other Neoflash products packaging. This isn't bad, but people get tired of the same old thing over and over. The MK6 looked good and fits nicely inside the NDS. Like the TTDS, it has a holographic sticker on the front. I also noticed that there is a chip sticking out from under the sticker. This chip made the MK6 Save Cart fit a little more snugly inside the NDS, but it was still easy to remove.

The MK6 also came with a NEO3 for the purpose of backing up games. It fits really good in Slot-2 and is really easy to get out. It even has spring ejection! That is a feature that I always liked with my R4DS. The NEO3 isn't completely flush with the GBA slot though. The MicroSD slot stick out a few centimeters out of the NDS. This should have been on the side of the cart.

The package for the MK6 Save Cart


On the CD, you will find the NEO3 firmware in the NEO3 directory. Just unzip it and put the boot nds file in the root of your SD card. That's all you have to do and you are ready to go.


Well Really I don't know how to use the save function on this MK6 SC. There was no included documentation on how it works and what it is supposed to do. I will jut cover The passme options and the NEO3.

When booting a slot-2 device, you are brought to a menu with an option to select a save type. It is unclear on what these are used for as no instructions came with the  MK6 SC. You can select any of the Slot-2 options and boot a slot-2 device in NDS mode. So I tried both the NEO and EZ Flash IV Lite Deluxe, and both booted to NDS mode fast and smoothly.

You can see the save size selection screen above

Now it came time to tryout the backup NDS game cart function the the NEO3. So once I was prompted to insert a NDS cart, I put in Resident Evil deadly Silence and started the backup process which last around 7 minutes. After I copied it I put the SD card in my CycloDS to boot the file. It worked flawlessly and I went on to try it on "Castlevania DoS" and "Castlevania PoR". Those both also worked without any problems. So I went on to try 8 more games, and all of them worked great.

I went on to try homebrew on the NEO3 but I could not find a DLDI driver file anywhere. So none of my homebrew worked. They should really put this stuff on the CD. NDS backups do play, but there is no saving support. Also, there is absolutely no download play support.

EDIT: I figured out in order for NDS games to save, you have to set the save type by pushing either L/R at the start game screen. Once the proper save type is selected, the game will save to the MK6 and run from the NEO3. I ran Castlevania PoR on the NEO3 and it played without any slowdown. It even saved to the MK6 when I enabled the right save type. The Intro video didn't even skip at all. It didn't skip for Dawn of Sorrow either. That's good!

I was surprised to see that there was no GBA support. I kind of figured that a slot-2 cart would have GBA support, but this one doesn't. How sad since most other carts offer it.


This card is a good passme. Nothing More and Nothing less. If I could figure out how to use it, I would have given it a higher score. One the other hand, the NEO3 is great with ok NDS compatibility (from the games I tested). If I could have found a DLDI file to play homebrew games, it would have been a different story for the NEO3. I mean a NDS game will play, but they won't save unless the proper save type is selected. Another big push away is the $60 price tag. I find I can't recommend it for NDS gameplay, but maybe for save backups, but yet again I have to bring up the price tag.


  • Fits flush into Slot-1 slot.
  • Most Slot-2 carts boot flawlessly with MK6
  • Backup NDS games (to NEO3)
  • Backup NDS game saves
  • Easy to insert/eject MK6 Save Cart/NEO3 from NDS
  • MicroSD is spring loaded in NEO3
  • Works as PassMe


  • Relies on Moonshell to Play Media
  • No Included Instructions
  • No Download Play
  • Lackluster menu design
  • 0% Homebrew support
  • No GBA support
  • No soft reset or extra functions
  • Mediocre NDS game support
  • The nail in the coffin is the price


Team Neoflash Homepage
Purchase MK6 Save Cart/NEO3 at ic2005