Action Replay MAX Review

Written by Zombie_X



Datel has been around for many years creating game enhancer's and peripherals for some of the most popular systems. They are mostly known for their game enhancer named "Action Replay". This new PS2 edition allows you to run media and homebrew from the supplied USB stick.


  • 1000s of codes packed in
  • Load import games
  • Supports Powerboard


  • ARMAX Disc
  • Dong le
  • User Manual



The first thing I noticed is that the box looks just like the ARMAX EVO for PS2. Disc is in CD format and looks boring. The menus look cool and are pretty hi-res. Another cool feature is that it streams the button functions at the bottom of the screen so you'll know what the buttons do. Pressing Z also brings up the control setup windows which shows all the button functions.


Usage is simple. Just pop the disc in and once you are at the main menu, eject the disc then insert your game disc as the ARMAX lets you browse to find a game. I got my ARMAX about 3 months ago.


The first thing I tried is the FreeLoader technology which allows you to load import games from any region. I tried Biohazard and Biohazard 0, and both booted successfully.

Next I tried the game codes for Biohazard and they didn't work. The game would crash as soon as I started it. Thankfully Datel gave me an updated disc and now the codes work. ARMAX for GC is actually cool since I haven't encountered a case of glitches with codes yet.

The powerboard support is good and I can now type in codes faster.


ARMAX is a great cheat device from Datels. Import game support is working and so is the powerboard. The price is 30.00 and that's kinda high but hell you'll have fun if you get it.


  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to update codelist
  • Powerboard support
  • Import game support


  • Could be a little cheaper
  • Not all codes on the device work as intended


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