JoyTech 16X Memory Card Review

Written by Zombie_X
January 2006


JoyTech is a company that manufactures a wide array of game related products. Really I haven't heard of them before but the memory card was only $10.00


  • 16X the space of a standard memory card.
  • Save/Load game saves
  • Keep High scores.


  • JoyTech 16X Memory Card
  • Stickers
  • Use guide


The memory card is twice the length of a official NGC memory card. It is black and even comes with stickers. The card reminds me of the PS2 Gameshark dongle.


Well the card is recognized just as fast as a official memory card and read/writes just as fast. I copied saves from my other memory card to this one and I didn't experience any corruption like other 3rd party memory cards do. So now is the save/load test and I tested it with Metroid Prime Hunters 2 and saved at least 40 times and no corruption was experienced at all. So now I load up the FCEUltra emulator and saved my state in one of the games. When i restarted the GC I found that my memory card has been corrupted so I formatted it and tried again and it got corrupted again. Hm...I guess it doesn't support homebrew saving.


This memory card is half of what Nintendo wants you to pay and you get about the same performance all around. Definitely a buy.


  • Great Price ($10.00)
  • On par with official Nintendo products (with official games)
  • Fast read/write speeds
  • Looks cool


  • Not always the most stable card with homebrew
  • Random save corruption (see above)

JoyTech Official Website