Written by Zombie_X
June 2007


Before I begin I must extend my thanks to Winsunx for supplying me with this review sample at a reasonable price.

Team EZFlash is one of the most trusted names in the GBA flash cart scene. They have made some great GBA flash carts in the past and this one is no exception. This one has all the features you will ever need and also supports the Opera Browser (using the recently released patch).


  • Using MicroSD technology
  • Internal 384Mbit Norflash and 256Mbit Psram for the best GBA compatible.
  • Better DS/GBA game compatible
  • Original DSLite dust cover size with glossy surface.
  • Same color with your DSLite.
  • Auto saver backup function
  • Skinnable loader
  • Support DS/GBA game linker
  • Third party homebrew support.
  • Multimedia support


  • EZ4 Lite - Deluxe (TF Adapter)(White)(x1)
  • EZ4 Lite - Deluxe Black Shell (x1)
  • EZ Officiel SD card reader (x1)


The EZFLashIV LD arrived at my house four days after I ordered it. There on my door step was a big yellow box. Inside the box was the tiny EZFlashIV LD box. I was surprised to see that Winsunx had actually provided me with a black replacement shell even though many people said that they don't get them. I still prefer the white shell even though I have a black DSLite. The white shell just looks much better as it flows with the sticker. The EZ4 actually fits almost completely flush in the GBA slot however it sticks out a little bit but it wasn't noticeable. I know a lot of people hate when it sticks out.

It sticks out a little bit but not too bad :)

The menu's look really nice since I updated using the newest kernel and used a custom theme. They are easy to navigate but it seems that the menus were designed for the Chinese since letters get cut off in English words. This only happens with pop-up windows though.

NDS Top Screen  NDS Bottom Screen
GBA Screen  GBA File Browser
These pics show the EZIVLD menu system first two on left are NDS mode and the two on the right is GBA mode.


This card is drag and drop to some degree. You first need to run each game through the patching tool (provided at end of review) which adds save/cheat functions. It is sad since you have to do one game at a time. There is no batch option available. For NDS games it is the same. You must patch them all as well. When you patch a games you get the game file and a .sav file which is in the created "saver" folder that is used to store game saves. You can put games anywhere you want on the MicroSD card as long as the names of the save and game match other wise you can't save your game. It seems the EZFlash IV can't create it's own files at the moment so if you don't have a save file, it wont save. GBA homebrew doesn't need to be patched as all GBA homebrew seems to work on it's own.

One thing I didn't like is that all the people who own a EZFlashIV LD complain that the MicroSD card is hard to remove. In my experience this wasn't true as I could pill it out easily with my big fingers. I don't know why people say it is hard to remove but I haven't noticed any difficulty.



**You need to have a way to boot slot-2 devices. Get a passme device such as PassCard.

The included TF reader is good as it can transfer data very fast. I transferred 10 GBA games in under 4 minutes. Another great thing is now when playing GBA games is that you don't even need to copy the game to the onboard flash. Just click 'n' run. GBA games load up very quickly also. For this review I will be using a R4DS as a PassMe and a 1GB JAP Kingston TF card.

  • NDS ROM image support is really good, though not on par with the newer generation of flash carts. Castlevania DoS played good though the intro stuttered a bunch of times. Brothers in Arms DS worked as well but seemed to play a bit slow. I'm actually mad that this flash cart doesn't have built in support for Soft Reset. GBA Games have it but it never seems to work for NDS games. One cool thing is that you can launch GBA games directly from NDS mode, but a downside of this is that they stutter a bit.

  • GBA game support is absolutely perfect. EZ Flash Team really did a great job with this one. I tried both of the GBA Castlevania titles and both Metroid titles and they all played at full speed. Even the newest ROMS work flawlessly. All games load up within seconds and there are no slowdowns/stutters in GBA games at all. If you launch a GBA game from the NDS mode of EZ Flash IV LD then the games tend to stutter. Pokemon games require you to use an application to remove the clock from the game in order to play. the only games that didn't work were both of the "DBZ Legacy of Goku" games. Both would fail saying there was a problem with the hardware. You can also view images from within GBA mode simply by opening them.
    - You can write games to the onboard NORFlash memory in GBA mode by pushing the SELECT button while highlighting a GBA game. GBA homebrew can't be written to NORFlash at all. You can store a maximum of 256Mbit in NORFlash (32MB)

Watch this video of the Castlevania DoS Intro skipping to ton of times



  • GBA homebrew runs perfectly. I tried Pogoshell and PocketNES and both worked great. I also tried 2004Mbit (that's it's name) homebrew and it played good as well. As far as I can see GBA homebrew support is great.

  • NDS homebrew is actually pretty good. I tried several emulators (picodrive, nesDS, snesDS, DSMasterPlus) as well as DSO (DSOrganize) and they all ran fine. When I tried to load up "A Touch of War" it didn't work at first but I realized that I forgot to DLDI patch it so now it works. So all of the homebrew I tested works. The homebrew that doesn't support DLDI at the moment doesn't work. Another thing is that a lot of non DLDI homebrew can work, but you get lots of glitches such as corrupted graphics or no sound.


This card is great. I has great NDS game support and Perfect GBA support. Homebrew support is also especially good. The price is also just right. I'd just buy it for the GBA performance alone.


  • No system files on TF card
  • 100% GBA Game Support
  • Excellent NDS Support
  • No in Game GBA Slowdowns
  • Very User Friendly
  • Comes w/ TF Adapter
  • Flush Fitting
  • Easy to Remove From DS
  • Excellent NDS Support


  • Slowdown in NDS games
  • No Included Instructions
  • No RTC
  • MicroSD is hard to remove
  • Not SDHC Compatible


EZFlash Official Web site
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