Acekard 2i Review

Written by Zombie_X
May 2010



Before I begin I must extend my thanks to ShopTemp and RealHotStuff for suppling my carts. Both places have speady shipping so I recommend them.

AceKard team have been around for a while now and their Slot-1 carts have greatly evolved from the original AK to the AK2 and AK R.P.G. carts. The Acekard 2 is one great cart and the Acekard 2i will surely be another great cart no doubt.

The original AK2 sported near perfect game compatability and support for downlaod play as well as homebrew support. The AK2i will surely offer the same level of compatability and perhaps then some.


  • Perfect compatibility. No need to convert and flash!
  • Save file is written directly and automatically to TF card.
  • Automatic DLDI patching. Drag and drop to run homebrew programs.
  • Support soft-reset, Download Play and WiFi gaming!
  • Support SDHC TF card. Virtually unlimited storage size !
  • Support any brand of TF, with no slowdown!
  • Support Action Replay cheats. Build-in editor!
  • Low power consumption for longer operational time!
  • Built-in multiple languages and DIY skinning!


  • Acekard 2i
  • TF Reader


The system files for AK2i can be download from or here. Once downloaded, simply unzip both to the root of your microsd or to a folder on your local HDD. You should be presented with a folder (__ak2) and a NDS file (akmenu4.nds). That's all that has to be done if it's in the root of your SD card. Just put the card into your DSi and boot it up.

So the root of your sd card should look just like the below image. You can add or delete folders at will and have them in the root directory as well.



The box itself is very simple in comparison to other flashcarts currently out there, but looks pretty and professional. I notived that Acekard team had cut back on the quality of the boxes and they seem to be made of thin cardstock. The box lists all the carts features on the back of the box and they sure look promissing!

Inside the box you'll find the AK2i and a TF reader, but no software CD at all. This means you'll have to go online and download you software fr the cart. Not at all bad, but wold have been more convienient for us if it were included.

The Cart itself feels very sturdy if your fingers and does not have a chip sticking out from under the lable. The original AK2 had a massive chip sticking out which made inserting and removing the cart difficult. Since the ship is now gone, the card is easy to remove and re-insert. Also the sd card fits flush with the top of the cart and the slot is spring loaded so it is a breeze to take the card out and put it back in.



NDS game compatability is by far the best aspect of this cart. I have personally tried about 50 or so games and have not eoncountered any error whatsoever. Not only that but their are no slowdowns in games at all, but this is not true if you use a lower speed microsd. Lower access speed cards can cause some games to lag.

Homebrew compatability is near perfect except for one that refused to run. I tried20 homebrew applications and all ran like a charm with no hick-ups.The non-working homebrew was DSMasterPus, a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator, that refuses to run. I even tried formating the card and it still did not work.






  • Can use SDHC CARDS
  • 100% Download Play Support
  • Action Replay Cheats
  • Fully Plug and play
  • 100% Game Support
  • Very User Friendly
  • Comes w/ TF Adapter
  • Can use custom firmwares


  • No Included Instructions
  • No included software CD
  • Brightness control on DSi is broken



Acekard Homepage

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